Microsoft Office 2013 Powerpoint Certification Training

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Microsoft Office 2013 Powerpoint Certification Training

Microsoft Office 2013 Powerpoint Certification Training

Learn to make stunning presentations with multimedia and special effects. Prepare for MOS PowerPoint 2013 (77-422) Exam

Microsoft® PowerPoint is a tool that help professionals to create stunning presentations and effectively use Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 interface. The MOS PowerPoint 2013 training from Simplilearn provides a broad overview of Microsoft® PowerPoint 2013 for creating new presentations using keyboard shortcuts and implement multimedia and special effects through animation.

Why is the certification most sought-after?

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Foundation certification is most sought-after for the following reasons:
Globally recognized professional certification
Enhances one’s proficiency in analyzing and managing large amount of data
Suitable for small projects as well as large businesses, across industries

What learning benefits do you get from this training?

At the end of Simplilearn’s Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 certification training, participants will be able to:
  • Gain proficiency in accessing and editing files
  • Enhance knowledge on animation and design
  • Customize and manage the PowerPoint tool to create, maintain, access and edit presentations
  • Prepare for the Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Exam 77-422

What are the career benefits in-store for you?

Simplilearn’s Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 certification training provide participants with the following career benefits:
  • MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certified entry-level professionals can earn up to $16,000, over their non-certified peers (Source:
  • Employers seek certified professionals in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, to maximize the value of their data, and to effectively process valuable business information
  • Acquiring knowledge and skillset in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 can open more career avenues to a certified professional

Who should do this course?

Simplilearn’s Microsoft® PowerPoint 2013 certification training is suitable for a range of aspirants, who would like to gain MOS certification and improve their skill sets. However, this course is most suitable for:
Entry/Mid/Senior level professionals